Quality enhancement refers to designing courses that focus on areas that require improvement and plays a vital part in enhancing student learning processes. Gulfeac in the seminar raised the point that quality enhancement should be integrated within the educational institution's strategic planning and assessment practices. The opportunity was tailoring for all the high educations institutions and accredited online universities that want to enhance and strengthen their education quality and accreditation.

We provided participants with the opportunity to share and compare their own experiences, tactics, and methods for the promotion of quality in education in the Middle East and worldwide. The main objectives of this initiative are to provide participants the chance to:

  • Obtain better know-how of the Middle East and Global educational system, accredited universities, and colleges.
  • Obtain awareness about the modern systems and procedures for the promotion of quality organization and management of the educational offers that should be implemented in an accredited higher education institution.
  • Acquire learning on the current programs and practices for the increase in the adoption of quality certification and examining in the accredited educational institution.
  • Share beneficial practices among institutions both at the public and private level that are helping educational institutions for adopting premium-quality management systems and methods.
  • Build new contacts and search for new opportunities for collaboration with public and private accredited educational institutions operating in the educational sector in the Middle East.

The activity was approached to government operations officers, deans, administrators, accreditation officers, entrepreneurs, directors, managers, teachers, lecturers, trainers, researchers, and specialists serving in both private and public bodies, universities, schools, training institutions, adult education institutions, research centers.

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