Credit Equivalency means when the students or professionals intend to transfer their credits to a different university or academic institute, whether inside their country or overseas.

We at Gulf Education Accreditation Consortium, offer a brilliant opportunity for students and professionals who aim for credit equivalency to progress in their life. The overall process of credit equivalency throughout which students and professionals are given the chance of equalizing the course, accomplished earlier by an accredited academic institute. Gulf Education Accreditation Consortium offers credit equivalency certifications for educational credentials endorsed by relevant educational authorities, and the institutes that provide courses are adequately accredited. The educational certificates of pupils and professionals are appraised upon the highest education measures and comply with the academic standards pertinent in the country.

Advantages of Achieving a Credit Equivalency Certificate

Our team of experts verifies the authenticity of the academic credentials granted by educational institutes worldwide by providing a credit equivalency certification that validates the credentials of students and professionals.

Students and professionals can earn the verification and validation of their educational achievements by achieving a credit equivalency certificate. Candidates can preserve their time and money by the process of transferring accomplished credits/programs to a different educational institute.

Commitment to Approach and Build a Strong Economic System

The accreditation process consists of following steps:

  • Strengthening academic institutes in the process of adhering to the standards of higher education.
  • Sustaining assurance and leadership to build excellence in higher education.
  • Cooperating with educational institutes in generating academic perfection.
  • Reassuring the leading academic institutes are establishing a reliable education delivery system.
  • Accommodating students and professionals in the overall procedure of accreditation for their educational credentials.

Accreditation & Equivalency

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